2013 Target NEO Workshop

Presentations/Final Report

Outcome Briefings/Final Report

Target NEO 2 Workshop Summary

Final Report

Summary Briefing to NASA SBAG, July 10, 2013
Open Community Workshop Executive Summary, July 25, 2013
Workshop Summary and Next Steps - FISO Brief
Briefing to NASA Associate Administrators

Session 1: Update to Flexible Path Vision

Overview of NASA’s New Asteroid Initiative
William Gerstenmaier, AA HEOMD, NASA HQs
NRC Human Exploration Study Update
Michael Moloney, SSB
Global Exploration Roadmap Update, ISECG Perspective
Kathy Laurini, NASA HQs

Session 2: The Small (< 10 meters) NEA Population

Population Estimates of Small NEAs
Al Harris, MoreData! Inc.
  The Population of Near-Earth Asteroids and Current Survey Completion
Small NEA Characteristics: Albedo, Composition
Andy Rivkin, APL
Can Small, Fast Spinning Asteroids be Rubble Piles?
D.J. Scheeres and P. Sánchez, The University of Colorado Boulder
  Supporting Movie 1
  Supporting Movie 2
Modeling Capabilities and Uncertainties
Bill Bottke, SwRI
Estimated ARM Candidate Target Population and Projected Discovery Rate of ARM Candidates
Paul Chodas, JPL

Session 3: Finding Small NEAs: Current Capabilities and Gaps

Tutorial on Process of Finding Small NEAs
Tim Spahr , MPC
Follow up Characterization Needs and Issues (RADAR & Optical)
Lance Benner, JPL
Existing and Near Term Ground based Capabilities and Gaps
Steve Larson, University of Arizona
Discovery Process for Finding ARM Targets Using Pan Starrs and New Atlas Telescopes
Eva Schunova, University of Hawaii
Existing and Near Term Space based Capabilities and Gaps
Amy Mainzer, JPL

Session 4: Small NEA Mission Design Challenges

End to End Mission Design – Trajectory Optimization and Realization/Target Selection Criterion
Damon Landau, JPL
Proximity Operations and Characterization/Navigation/Control
Steve Broschart, JPL
Docking, Grappling, Capture, Control , and Alternative Approaches
Carlos Roithmayr, NASA LaRC
Maintaining a Safe , Stable and Human Accessible Parking Orbit
Dave Folta, NASA GSFC
Define Key Technology Requirements (Drivers, Uncertainties , Gaps )
John Dankanich, NASA MSFC

Session 5: Technical Value of ARM, Panel Discussion

Panelists: Gentry Lee, JPL; Doug Cooke, AA NASA Retired ; Tom Jones, NASA Retired ; Jim Bell, ASU/Planetary Society

All panelists have been asked to address the following technical topics.

Technical Value of the Asteroid Retrieval Mission (ARM) Key Questions
Technical Value of ARM, Panel Discussion
Human Exploration ROI
Science and Public Benefits Perspectives

Session 6: Summary Session

Session 1 Summary
Session 2 Summary
Session 3 Summary
Session 4 Summary
Session 5 Summary


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